13 People, 13 countries, one shared day, the Sabbath.

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REST. The Experience

Runtime: 77 Minutes
Directed by: Adrian Dure

13 people. 13 countries. One shared day: the Sabbath! Saturday is a special day for Seventh-day Adventists and is part of the belief that God, in the Bible, instituted a special day of connection with human beings. Around the world, more than 20 million Adventists see this day differently and live an experience with many similarities, despite ethnic and cultural differences. It was precisely this experience that the Rest documentary captured, accompanying 13 Adventists from different countries for an entire Sabbath, a movie with images from different locations on all continents, such as Mexico, Uruguay, China, South Korea, South Africa and Brazil.


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Rest is a project initiated, created, and coordinated by the Trans-European Division, the Inter-European Division, and Hope Media Europe of the Seventh Day Adventist Church.